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Since late 2011 IRISH HANDCUFFS from Regensburg, Germany dedicate themselves to playing catchy punk rock and avoiding all too serious careers and lives, despite being a band in their mid-thirties. They get what they deserve: days spent in stinky vans and nights spent sleeping on Floors. Living the dream! So far they have released various splits and EPs, as well as a full length record and played over 200 shows. In addition to sharing the stage with bands like LAGWAGON, SWINGIN UTTERS, FACE TO FACE, DESCENDENTS, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET or LAWRENCE ARMS among others, they went on various tours in Europe, to the UK, Canada and the United States. There they had the chance to play THE FEST in Gainesville twice and POUZZA FEST in Montréal.


„Hits Close To Home“ was met with overall great reviews, here are some examples...

„Songs like the opener and Pacemaker „should’ve run“ or the sensitive „chasing ghosts, killing time“ really hit the nail on the head! [...] so it’s fitting, that the finishing touches were made at the Blasting Room studios by Jason Livermore.“ (Ox Fanzine)

„That’s how simple a good song can be. Or a great record [...] that also a Billie Joe Armstrong would’ve been proud of. “ (.heartcooksbrain)

„The current German punk scene is doing a lot of things right. Irish Handcuffs sit at the top of this scene, cementing their place with their first full length album. [...] Irish Handcuffs have always had a good sense of letting their influences run through their sounds without ever sounding like a carbon copy of their heroes, and Hits Close To Home gets as close to perfecting that balance as possible.“ (

"Without this music your drunken way home would only be a dull pain, which someday turns into a gag reflex tasting of alcohol. So you can always use such an album. Fond Of Life Records [...] has now released IRISH HANDCUFFS at the same time as three high-quality releases and is therefore the winner of the season."(FUZE)


„Stubbs.“ (7inch Vinyl, Tanzbär Records, 2012)

Split w/DAN WEBB & THE SPIDERS (7inch Vinyl, Gunner Records / Flix Records, 2013)

Split w/7 YEARS BAD LUCK (7inch Vinyl, Tanzbär Records, 2013)

„Hits Close To Home“ (LP/CD, Fond of Life Records / Shield Recordings, 2014)

Split w/NO WEATHER TALKS (7inch Vinyl, Gunner Records, 2016)

"Comfort in Distraction" (10inch Vinyl, Fond of Life Records / Shield Recordings / Get Party Records, 2018)

"Transitions" (12inch Vinyl, Fond of Life Records / Shield Recordings / Get Party Records, 2022)

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